Noida-Greater Noida Expressway : Express development

Noida expressway is a realty hotspot

The 23km-long Noida-Greater Noida Expressway is turning into a hotspot for realty development.
Considering the fastpaced development of infrastructure along the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway, developers, realtors and property professionals are all upbeat about the future prospects of real estate in this emerging hot location.
The six-lane Noida-Greater Noida Expressway connecting with the 165km Yamuna Expressway promises to put property in these twin real estate hotspots of the NCR on a fast track. Special economic zones (SEZs), hotels, and commercial and residential complexes coming up on the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway offer great scope for strong and sustained growth for all real estate segments.

There are 40 sectors along the expressway that have been divided into four zones under the Noida Master Plan 2021 to ensure balanced development amidst population explosion.

Three kilometres of the 23km long Noida-Greater Noida Expressway falls under Greater Noida and the rest in Noida. The 321 hectares of Greater Noida land, which is within 1km of the expressway, has been a major source of attraction for realtors, IT companies and educational institutions among others.

The authorities have also planned development projects on each side of the expressway, in phases, to boost IT and ITeS services. Noida-Greater Noida Expressway is going to experience unprecedented developmental activities spanning residential, commercial, as well as institutional sectors. This developing area provides all social and commercial infrastructures facilities to residents within reach. Developers see the area having tremendous potential for residential and commercial projects.

Supertech’s Eco City, on 14 acres in Sector 137, Greater Noida-Noida Expressway, incorporates ecologically responsive urbanism at work in which the environment behind and between buildings are as important as the buildings themselves, and in which energy, water and resources are conserved whilst maintaining human comfort.

Mohit Arora, director of Supertech Group, says: “The roofs and walls, pergolas and water features, vegetation and choices of materials are all intended to create a micro climate of a moderated, comfortable environment. The architecture of the complex incorporates features of a high level of environmentally responsible design. The buildings in Eco City will have natural ventilation systems, use of renewable energy through solar panels and utilization of other recycled material.”

Eco City comprises of 2, 3, 4 bedroom and studio apartments, with the plot areas ranging from 800 sq ft to 2,275 sq ft. Floor plans are three-four side open and artistically designed with vastu friendly features. The project will have 1,600 units and is slated for completion by 2012. Prices of the flats start from Rs 35 lakh onwards.

Supertech’s Emerald Court, with an area of 70,000 sq metres at Sector 93, Noida-Greater Noida Expressway, is one of the largest projects of the group. Here, construction is in full swing. Emerald Court is a multistoreyed project consisting of 17 towers, out of which two towers are centrally airconditioned. It has five types of towers — Aster, Aspire, Bluestone and Emperor — and all of them have their own unique features and specialties.

Emerald Court offers odern three- and four-bedroom apartments and penthouse with world-class specifications that perfectly cater to the tastes of the highly demanding nouveau riche. The apartments are four sides open and come with both airconditioned and non-airconditioned options.

R K Arora, the CMD of Supertech Group, says: “The prime features of the project are hightech security, dedicated parking, modular kitchens with piped gas supply, wooden flooring, odern toilets, in-house maintenance services, etc. There is an in-house club with 5-star services. The lush green surroundings of the area are also surely going to add to the spell of enjoying a good lifestyle in these homes.”

Emerald Court itself will have a central park spread over three acres and there is also a 40-acre city park adjoining the project. As the project is located just 6km from the DND flyway, the distance from Delhi is not a barrier. In fact, you can reach Delhi in minutes driving down the sprawling roads. And the fact that the place is located on the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway makes it easily connected to other parts of Noida and Greater Noida. Sector 18, the entertainment hub of Noida, is in close proximity while NRI City, Biotech City, Medical City, IT City, and Film City are just a few minutes’ drive away.

The project offers 3- and 4BHK of 1,750-2,290 sq ft and 2,535-2,810 sq ft, respectively. The five-bedroom penthouses are of 4,330 sq ft with a price tag starting from Rs 1 crore. Rate goes up according location and floors.

Along the expressway, a knowledge park is proposed to come up, which will have 24 engineering and management institutes. At the Noida end of the expressway, in Sector 93, the existing landmarks are Amity University, Balak Inter College, Lotus Valley School, Logix Techno-Park, Mayoor International School, Parsvnath Prestige Apartments, and ATS Green.

According to the plans of Noida Authority, Arogya Dham, a super-specialty, international-standard medical city is to come up along the expressway on over 50 acres, which will also have commercial establishments, residential options for the attendants, wide roads, lush green landscape and parks and open spaces.

Other high-end projects are two premium residential projects from Unitech, Unitech Cascades and a golf-themed residential condominium, Unitech Grande.

Amrapali Group has also launched Amrapali Platinum in Sector 119 and Amrapali Zodiac in Sector 120.

Logix Group’s Logix Blossom Greens in Sector 143 offers luxury 2-, 3- and 4BHKs, penthouses and villas with private parking area, an exclusive tower dedicated to senior citizens with a dedicated lush green meditation park, a word-class clubhouse and private lawns for ground floors.

Omaxe, another major player, has launched their premium luxury residential projects like the Forest and the NRI City, along the expressway. Utopia, a project from Eldeco, is spread over 18 acres and promises every facility a resident may look for. One of the fastest growing real estate companies, 3C, has also come up with an eco-friendly project along the Noida-Greater Expressway. Vidur Bhardwaj, the director of 3C, says, “We are completing our projects like Shunya, an ambitious project based on energy conservation system, along the expressway.”

Rakesh Yadav, the MD of Antriksh Group, says: “Noida Expressway has become the hub of realty activities in Noida. The eight-lane expressway connectivity is a major contributing factor for the growth of real estate development around the stretch; also, close proximity to Noida is a boon. A number of highways parallel to the expressway have also been planned to ease the traffic further.”

Prasant Tiwari, the MD of Prateek Group (which launched Prateek Laurell in Sector 120 and Prateek Wisteria in Sector 77), says: “Although most of the projects involve high investment, projects for middle class and limited budget buyers will also be developed in a 3-5km stretch along the expressway at a proposed rate of Rs 5,000 to Rs 7,500 per square feet.”

Five-Star Hotels on Course

The recent Supreme Court verdict, which settled the dispute of allotment of 14 5-star hotels plots, will ensure that 5star hotels with malls will be on track in Noida-Greater Noida Expressway. On the direction of the apex court, the Noida Authority has now charged 70,000 per sq metre against the earlier allotment price of Rs 700 per sq metre. Already, six developers have deposited the amount and got land in their possession. These are Clarkston Hotels Pvt Ltd (a joint venture of Supertech and Gaursons Ltd), Eastcoast Star Hotel Pvt Ltd, Somap Hotels Pvt Ltd, Minor Hotels Pvt Ltd, Metravend Management Ltd and Saamag Royal Hospitality Pvt Ltd. Clarkston Hotels Pvt Ltd has been given land on Sector 98, Noida Expressway.





गे्रटर नोएडा से कनेक्टिविटी पर विचार
Story Update : Thursday, November 17, 2011 12:01 AM

फरीदाबाद। नोएडा से फरीदाबाद को कनेक्ट करने की योजना पर बात आगे बढ़ती देख अब गे्रटर फरीदाबाद को गे्रटर नोएडा के नजदीक लाने की कवायद शुरू हो गई है। टाउन एंड कंट्री प्लानिंग डिपार्टमेंट इसके लिए जल्द ही सैटेलाइट से सर्वे कराकर कनेक्टिविटी की संभावना तलाशेगा। इसके बाद प्रस्ताव तैयार कर ग्रेटर नोएडा प्राधिकरण के पास भेजा जाएगा।
इसको लेकर वरिष्ठ नगर योजनाकार (एसटीपी) और जिला नगर योजनाकार(डीटीपी) के बीच हुई बैठक में विचार-विमर्श किया गया। ६,२७४ एकड़ में बस रहे गे्रटर फरीदाबाद के १५ सेक्टरों को आपस में जोड़ने वाले मास्टर रोड से सीधी कनेक्टिविटी गे्रटर नोएडा को देने पर विचार किया जा रहा है।
गे्रटर नोएडा और यमुना अथॉरिटी के मास्टर प्लान-२०३१ को मंजूरी मिलने के बाद प्रस्तावित नोएडा-फरीदाबाद कनेक्टिविटी योजना पर बात बनते देख नगर योजनाकार विभाग द्वारा गे्रटर नोएडा-गे्रटर फरीदाबाद को जोड़ने की संभावना तलाश रही है। डीटीपी संजीव मान ने बताया कि गे्रटर फरीदाबाद के सेक्टरों की प्रत्येक डिवाइडिंग सीधा रास्ता तलाशा जाएगा। फिजिकल सर्वे के आधार पर लोकेशन तलाशना मुश्किल होगा, इसलिए सैटेलाइट सर्वे से इसकी संभावना तलाशी जाएगी। … 1-139.html

सेक्टर-143 में बनेगा फ्लाईओवर

6 Nov 2011, 0400 hrs IST

विनोद शर्मा ॥ नोएडा

शहर के टै्रफिक सिस्टम को पटरी पर लाने के लिए नोएडा अथॉरिटी सेक्टर-143 के पास फ्लाईओवर बनाने जा रही है। यह फ्लाईओवर एफएनजी (फरीदाबाद-नोएडा-गाजियाबाद) को लिंक करने वाला होगा। अथॉरिटी ने इस फ्लाईओवर के डिजाइन, कंस्ट्रक्शन और डीपीआर के लिए कंसलटेंट नियुक्त करने के लिए फर्मों से 8 दिसंबर तक बिड मांगी है। इसी दिन टेक्निकल बिड खोल दी जाएगी। माना जा रहा है कि नए साल पर नोएडा अथॉरिटी इस फ्लाईओवर पर काम शुरू कर देगी।

सूत्रों के मुताबिक, एनएच-24 के पास छिजारसी से शुरू होकर यमुना किनारे छपरौली गांव तक लगभग 17 किलोमीटर लंबा एफएनजी रोड तैयार किया जा रहा है। इसका लगभग 60 पर्सेंट हिस्सा तैयार हो चुका है। इसे अलग-अलग डिविजनों ने तैयार किया है। शुरुआती दौर में छिजारसी से सेक्टर-121 तक कनेक्टिविटी रोड से लिंक करने का टेंडर जारी हो चुका है। इसके बाद एक्सप्रेस-वे तक लिंक करने वाली सड़क का काम सेक्टर-143 और 143बी के सामने तेजी से चल रहा है। इसी तरह सेक्टर-167 और 168 के बीच भी सड़क तैयार हो रही है। 75 मीटर चौड़ी सड़क के दोनों तरफ सर्विस लेन भी बनाई जा रही है। अथॉरिटी अब इस सड़क को एक्सप्रेस-वे से सिग्नल फ्री पार करने के लिए फ्लाईओवर बनाने की दिशा में काम कर रही है। इस क्षेत्र में तेजी से डिवेलपमेंट कार्य चल रहा है। एक्सप्रेस-वे को पार करने मंें अभी काफी मशक्कत करनी पड़ती है।

दर्जन भर सेक्टरों को मिलेगी राहत

इस फ्लाईओवर के बन जाने के बाद सेक्टर-139, 139ए, 139बी, 88, फेज टू औद्योगिक एरिया, सेक्टर 140 ए, 141, 142, 143 व 143 बी के ग्रुप हाउसिंग इलाके का काफी राहत मिलेगी। यमुना और एक्सप्रेस-वे के बीच बसे सेक्टर-167, 167 ए, 168 व 168 ए जैसे सेक्टरों के बीच आने व जाने की दूरी कम हो जाएगी। इसे बाहरी रिंग रोड के रूप में इस्तेमाल किया जाएगा। भारी वाहन इसी रोड से होकर गुजरेंगे। यही रोड यमुना पार कर फरीदाबाद तक पहुंचेगी। इससे फरीदाबाद जाने के लिए कालिंदी कुंज के पास पुल पर टै्रफिक का दबाव भी कम हो जाएगा। अथॉरिटी इस सड़क को फरीदाबाद से लिंक करने के लिए फरीदाबाद के टाउन प्लैनर से बात कर रही है। सीनियर टाउन प्लैनर राजपाल कौशिक ने बताया कि दो दौर की बातचीत फरीदाबाद प्रशासन से हो चुकी है। आने वाले दिनों में इसे फाइनल रूप देने के लिए मीटिंग होगी।

अथॉरिटी ने मांगे आवेदन

अथॉरिटी के चीफ प्रोजेक्ट इंजीनियर कार्यालय से इस फ्लाईओवर के लिए टेक्निकल कंसलटेंट के लिए आवेदन मांगे गए हैं। अथॉरिटी 21 नवंबर तक बिड डॉक्युमेंट्स जारी करेगी। इसके बाद 25 नवंबर को प्री – बिड मीटिंग होगी। अथॉरिटी की तरफ से 8 दिसंबर तक बिड जमा कराई जाएगी। इसके बाद 8 दिसंबर शाम 3:30 बजे तक टेक्निकल बिड खोली जाएगी।

क्यों जरूरी है एफएनजी

यमुना एक्सप्रेस – वे के चालू होने के बाद नोएडा अथॉरिटी की चिंता बढ़ने वाली है। यहां महामाया फ्लाईओवर के पास तब जो जाम होगा इसकी कल्पना नहीं की जा सकती। तब वाहन नोएडा से दिल्ली में एंट्री करने के लिए जद्दोजहद करते नजर आएंगे। नोएडा पुलिस के पूर्व डीएसपी टै्रफिक आर . के . सिंह का कहना है कि आगरा से नोएडा तक तो एंट्री बिल्कुल स्मूद रहेगी मगर जैसे ही नोएडा से साउथ दिल्ली , पूर्वी दिल्ली और गाजियाबाद की तरफ ये वाहन टर्न करेंगे तीनों एंट्री पॉइंट पर जाम की समस्या विकराल रूप ले लेगी। अभी सुबह शाम लोगों को लंबे जाम से जूझकर अपना सफर पूरा करना पड़ता है। अथॉरिटी ने शाहदरा डे्रन पर एलिवेटेड रोड बनाने का टेंडर जारी किया है मगर इसे बनने में कई साल लगेंगे। एफएनजी पर तेजी से काम हो तो गाजियाबाद और फरीदाबाद की तरफ के टै्रफिक को बाहर से बाहर ही डायवर्ट किया जा सकेग ा।

Flyover on e-way to ease traffic flow

Vandana Keelor, TNN Nov 8, 2011, 01.46AM IST

NOIDA: Efforts are on by Noida Authority to ease traffic congestion on the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway with the construction of a new flyover. Recently, the Authority invited consultants to finalize the design and construction details of the flyover that will be constructed at a cost of Rs 80 crore. The six-lane road, complete with cloverleaf loops, will provide easy access to commuters along both sides of the Expressway.

The flyover is located where the Faridabad-Noida-Ghaziabad (FNG) Expressway touches the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway near sectors 142, 143B and 167,168. Once ready, traffic along sectors 168A, 167A, 141, 143, 140, 139A, 139B and 88, falling on either side of the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway, will run smoothly. It would also provide speedy access to Greater Noida and along the FNG Expressway towards Faridabad and Ghaziabad.

“A tender inviting consultants to design and detail the project has been floated and will soon be finalized,” said Sant Ram, chief project engineer. “This will be the sixth flyover to help connectivity and decongest the fast growing populated areas,” he added. The flyover will be constructed on a single pier system with the help of girder technology with pre-fabricated segments. Each carriageway of the flyover will be of three 3.5m wide lanes.

Vehicular movement along this route is expected to increase several-fold since not only residential projects but also institutional and commercial projects are being developed along the Expressway. Traffic from Noida Extension area is also expected to hit this stretch once the housing projects get underway. Authority officials say preliminary preparations and details of the project are being worked out and once the design and detailed project report are in place the construction work will start. “The groundwork will take about six months to be completed. After finalization, construction will start and the project will be completed in one year,” said Sant Ram.

Meanwhile, the Authority has also given the nod to begin construction of underpasses at sector 71 and near the City Centre Metro Station near sector 25A. “A route diversion plan has been prepared and construction will begin by the month end,” said an Authority official. The cost of the sector 71 underpass is pegged at Rs 42 crore, whereas the one near City Centre Metro station is projected to cost Rs 34 crore. Moreover, the construction of the traffic junction at sector 37 is almost completed. As per officials, by January 2012 the flyover will be ready and by March 2012 the underpass will be thrown open to public to ease the flow of traffic.

Update 12 Feb 2011

Noida Expressway has become the hub of realty activities in Noida. Since the time the expressway became operational, the real estate around the stretch has seen tremendous response. Noida-Greater Noida Expressway is witnessing some of the fastest pace of construction activities in whole of Noida. Some of the sectors that are catering to the housing demand are Sectors 93, 119, 120, 121, 128, 134, 137, 151 & 168.
Projects coming along the expressway are reaping rewards that come with being close to good infrastructure and having good connectivity. Catering to all segments from affordable to high-end, the stretch has almost all the reputed developers trying to gain attention of home buyers and win their confidence.
A number of prestigious and premium projects are coming on the expressway. Unitech’s Grande and Jaypee’s Wish Town are the two most prestigious integrated townships being developed in the National capital Region (NCR). Both the townships are around international-class 18-hole golf course. On the infrastructure side, Noida and Greater Noida authorities are developing a number of highways parallel to the expressway to ease traffic congestion in the area.
One of the most prestigious projects in this region, Sapphire, is being developed by Amrapali. Amrapali is constructing 2,200 apartments near the Amity University in a price range between Rs 50 lakh and Rs 1.30 crore. The first phase of the project will be completed by December 2010 and second phase, by June 2011. In this, the builder is developing 2-, 3-, and 4-bedroom apartments. The size of the apartments varies between 1,140 sq ft and 3,075 sq ft. The best part of the project is that it is on a 10-minute drive from South Delhi via Delhi-Noida toll bridge.
A number of projects have been launched by some other developers like Eldeco, 3C, Supertech, Omaxe and ATS in the region. As there is enough supply of apartments in the region, prices have not appreciated sharply as it happened in the other part of the NCR. But, once the stocks get depleted, prices are likely to go up in the area.
A number of projects have also been launched in the affordable range in the region. In Sector 137, at Paras Tierra, one can see fast paced activity – and it has been just 10 months since launch of the project. Paras Tierea, an affordable luxury project over 30 acres, has apartments of 825 sq ft to 2,900 sq ft in 2BHK, 3BHK, 4BHK and low-rise premium floor options. The proposed Metro station is 500 meters away and the FNG Expressway is only 1km from here.
Another project by the company is Paras Seasons, in Sector 168; it is spread over 7.5 acres and offers 900 residential units. It is an affordable housing project in Sector 168, Noida.
“The positive side to the developments taking place here is that the products are being absorbed as soon as they hit the market. This shows the confidence buyers have in this area. The confidence level is high because the infrastructure is in place; sector roads can be seen everywhere and one can actually feel the future growth. We believe that in next few years, people will look forward to buying a house here. Naturally, this is the best time to invest here rather than wait for the secondary market to kick in. At present, a lot of projects are coming up and people can take advantage of the good prices here,” says Shakti Nath, the MD of Logix Group.


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