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Gurgaon: A preferred investment destination

Gurgaon is North India’s corporate destination


From a little known sleepy town of the yesteryear’s to becoming a major IT destination, Gurgaon has come a long way. Today,it is home to corporate offices of major MNCs and IT companies in the country.

One of the most important drivers for this prolific development is its geographical proximity to the nation’s capital,Delhi. Delhi has a ready pool of talent as many from the neighbouring states come into the capital either for higher studies or in search of jobs.What also triggered Gurgaon’s growth was the availability of land therefore affordable office space and excellent roadways.

Unlike Bengaluru which was a pure IT destination, the advantage Gurgaon had was the presence of other industries. This provided a ready market for the IT companies. The government too was very proactive in seizing the opportunity that presented and transforming it into a success story.

It offered IT companies an excellent infrastructure and other necessary assistance to help them set up shop there. Gurgaon has capitalized its strengths well and in the past 10 years acquired a momentum of its own which is commendable. Nonetheless,how growth happens tomorrow is a consequence of what is done today.

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