New Link Road between Gurgaon and Vasant Kunj

To free MG Road, Vasant Kunj slip road cleared

15 Jan 2011, New Delhi

In a move that is likely to make driving smoother for Vasant Kunj residents and ease traffic on the Mehrauli Gurgaon Road, the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has decided on a slip road connecting MG road with Mahipalpur-Andheria Morh road.

The proposed road will cut across the Ridge area lying behind the Chattarpur Metro station. The Ridge Management Board, which met on Wednesday, decided to give the plan a no-objection certificate.

The project has been in limbo for the last six months as environmentalists protested against the need to cut around 500 trees to make way for the road.

The MG road was listed as a national highway last year and since then the NHAI has been working on ways to revamp the stretch — the Authority is widening the road at present. However, the intersection close to the Triveni Garden Metro station, where the MG road meets the Mahipalpur-Andheria Morh road, usually experiences traffic pile ups


 “Initially, the plan was to build a flyover here to facilitate those turning towards Vasant Kunj, but it was not possible as the road is not wide enough. Therefore, this project was conceived,” said a senior official.

“We still have to get a few clearances. The road will have a right of way of 38 metres and it will be a six-lane road,” said the executive engineer, NHAI.

Earlier, the project was revised after the UTTIPEC rejected the original designs. At the time the NHAI had refused to widen the Andheria Morh to Mahipalpur stretch. “The NHAI has been given approval by Ridge Management Board only after they revised their plan. Also, they will be doing compensatory plantation for these 500 trees,” said Chief Forest Conservator D M Shukla.

The environmentalists, meanwhile, are unhappy. “The vegetation on the stretch is mainly Acaia, Semul, Peepul and Banyan trees. At least 10 per cent of these trees are several decades old. There are at least three trees which have girth of 5 metres,” said Ravi Agarwal, of Toxic Links, who is also part of the Ridge Management Board.

“This is a piece-meal approach to merely divert traffic from one road to the other. The number of vehicles on the road will definitely rise, but we cannot keep cutting trees to make way for them,” he added.

The NHAI has, meanwhile, asked the Delhi Metro to provide some land behind the Chattarpur station so that minimum amount of Ridge land is used.



New Delhi: The road to Gurgaon is all set to become smoother. The routine congestion at Andheria Mor is soon going to
be a thing of the past with the governing body of Unified Traffic and Transportation Infrastructure, Planning and Engineering
Centre (UTTIPEC) giving its nod to construction of a link road between MG Road and Vasant Kunj-Mahipalpur Road.
The nodal body for clearing transport projects in the city has also given approval to the upgrade of MG Road (NH-236),
according to an official release by road transport and highways ministry.
The six-lane link road will take off from the nursery near CRPF camp and join MG Road at C-DOT Crossing, the
intersection close to Ghittorni Metro station. The ministry spokesperson claimed that this double carriageway road would
reduce congestion at Andheria Mor and Chattarpur junction. ‘‘The traffic moving towards Gurgaon from Vasant Kunj side
instead of going to Andheria Mor will take a right turn on the proposed slip road, which will join at CDOT crossing.
Similarly, traffic coming from Gurgaon will take left turn to take the slip road for Vasant Kunj without going up to Andheria
Mor,’’ the spokesperson added.
The new road will also reduce one signal on the newly declared National Highway. Ministry officials said that the link
road has been planned in a manner that would facilitate access to the Chattarpur Metro station for buses and pedestrians.
The ministry official said that on an average MG Road, the second major link between Delhi and Gurgaon, is used by
over 92,698 car units per day. ‘‘The Mahipalpur stretch is already choked. So, traffic heading towards Gurgaon usually
takes the MG Road,’’ said an official.


Source: Hindustan Times: Link-Gurgaon-VasantKunj