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Badarpur Flyover- Problems Persist

Smooth passage on Badarpur road, Same Jams Down Under

With only cars taking the elevated road and several loops creating new bottlenecks, traffic on the ground remains as bad as ever near the Delhi-Faridabad border

Rumu Banerjee | TNN

Built at a cost of Rs 340 crore, the Badarpur elevated road was supposed to be the one-stop solution to the traffic nightmare that motorists faced on the Delhi-Faridabad border. Yet, weeks after being inaugurated, the elevated corridor seems to have only thrown up a host of new problems. Traffic jams are still a common sight here, made worse along the multiple loops that come down from the elevated corridor towards Jaitpur, Mehruali and Badarpur village. Long lines of vehicles jostling to get around the loops are followed by the equally long queue near Aali Village, the last — or first, depending on the direction you’re coming from — junction before you get on the elevated corridor.
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